What is Te Pumaomao?

Te Pumaomao is an immersive and holistic experience which takes participants on a transformative  journey. It brings participants to a new depth of insight into the Māori world – a cultural conscientisation programme which deepens understanding of Māori world views, laws and philosophies.

Te Pumaomao is tikanga-based and presents strategies to develop a holistic understanding of cross-cultural relationships today. Te Pumaomao critically examines the on-going impacts of colonisation on Māori and other Indigenous Peoples in a way that empowers participants toward creating positive social change. Takawai and Chris present the programme with passion, humour and a light touch, employing a suite of educative tools including role-play, multi-media & audio-visual technologies


Graduates will be able to:

• grow leadership skills and a critical analysis

• be better decision makers, both within whānau, hapū, and iwi organisations and within a  mainstream organisational environment

• gain a deeper insight regarding the social-political and cultural landscape in Aotearoa

• strengthen relationships between Māori and / or between Māori and Tauiwi

• be more confident in how they can personally enact positive societal change

• Strengthen cultural competency

• Understand and converse in a Māori framework

• Engage with more open hearts and minds

• Transfer this knowledge to other cultural frameworks